ZUPITE-Platform every platform searching their requirement and coming

ZUPITE-Platform for PlatformsS. Mahendhar1, G. Ajith2, B. Rakesh3Department of Information Technology,B. Tech, Information Technology,Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dundigal. Abstract—In today’s world people search for their sources in different markets ,going to each and every platform searching their requirement and coming back with empty hands if that didn’t reach up to the mark.for example if a student looking for best educational coaching sources in online , he needs to visit every online website and see whether it is good for him (or) not.because of this he is wasting his time and energy gaining empty result.

to solve this problem not only in one category but also in other major categories we are introducing ZUPITE ,an android application.I. INTRODUCTIONInternet are the essential part of our lives, providing various facilities to people who are searching for the various information sources from various servers, in this case search engines takes the total priority,they are all dynamic engines, but they user based analysis and purely based on the advertising criteria which makes no sense to the technology , to overcome that problem we have designed an static android application which is containing major informational sources Our application is containing main information resources which are present out their in the market,it is a static application we do not any internet connectivity to use an app,it is a simple android application present in the playstore it is a free version,there is no graphical content it is purely a simple terminology like textfields,buttons etc.

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we have taken information source from Wikipedia,because it is the topmost informational source about anything in the world,before confirming into  the website we will rate and review about how much the provided information is helpful.  which we would like to share with many people but we often does not find such a platform where our stories are appreciated.It helps in improving the imagination and creativity of the author since he need to form a very good story. The story submitted by an author will be reviewed to make sure that it does not contain any foul or abusive language and then it is published into the portal. Stories of different genres will be present and will be categorized accordingly. One can read a story depending upon their mood just by signing in to the app.II. MAJOR PROBLEMWe have best resources out there in the market, but we don’t no which one is the correct for us and useful.

III. SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMTo solve this major problem we combine all the platforms out there in the market under one major platform and named it as ZUPITE providing users in the form of application.IV.

 HOW IT WORKS People who have android phones can download it for free from the playstore. You don’t have any login (or) signup.The main button ‘Go for platforms’, after clicking it you will get a category section where you can select one,under that you have 10 platforms ,you can read small description about every platform and can select the best from the good and save time & energy.IV.

 CONCLUSIONi) People are very busy to select the best Platforms. So we have gathered all the platforms to a single platform.Ii) We named the application as  “ZUPITE-A PLATFORM FOR ALL PLATFORMS”.Iii) It acts as a static application  for the mobile users.it made up with information resource for various major platforms which are present out their in the marketV) FUTURE ENHANCEMENTi) We have introduced only seven major requirements got found through various search engines and information retrieval systems it was upgraded to introduce several requirements as possible.Ii) It is the static application which do not use any database the dynamic procedures can be introduced by the databases to form a traditional search engine .Iii) As static it do not contain any login credentials to improve security it was easily upgraded client based application with use of relational databases.

zV. ACKNOLEDGMENTWe would like to express our gratitude to all the people behind the screen who helped us to transform an idea into a real application. We would like to express our heart-felt gratitude to our parents without whom we would not have been privileged to achieve and fulfill our dream.

We are grateful to our principal, Mr. L.V.N PRASAD who most ably run the institution and has had the major hand in enabling us to do our project.

 We profoundly thank Dr. K.SRINIVASA REDDY, Head of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering who has been an excellent guide and also a great source of inspiration to our work. We would like to thank our internal guide ASSISTANT PROFESSOR.E.SUNIL REDDY  for his technical guidance, constant encouragement and support in carrying out our project at college. The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of the task would be great but incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible with their constant guidance and encouragement crowns all the efforts with success.

In this context, we would like to thank all the other staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, who have extended their timely help and eased our task.  


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