Zora their effects on the world Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston: The Innovative Woman Is Zora Neale Hurston the greatest writers/ anthropologists in the twentieth century? Will Hurston's contributions to the Harlem Renaissance be remembered forever? Many statistics show that Hurston's innovative mind helped her attain these standards, setting her apart from all the other writers. Hurston achieved her goals by writing about the most ordinary things and making them infinitely gorgeous. With the completion of these goals Hurston became thefirst black American to have collected and published Afro-American folklore. Zora Neale Hurston, was a successful writer whose major notoriety lay in her effects on writing, influence on literature, writers, readers and contributions to the Harlem Renaissance. Because of Hurston's great effects on writing, she became one of the most influential writes of during the Harlem Renaissance. In 1925, she started her writing career in New York City, during the Harlem Renaissance, with only one dollar and fifty cents. Hurston hit her stride in the mid-1930's producing five books, drama, stories, and essays.

Her acknowledge masterpiece Their Eyes were Watching God in 1937. The novel revealed its roots in the black folk of Eatonville, but her writings grew increasingly personal, and she based the main characters on her parents. She wrote about a Southern black woman's search, over 25 years and 3 marriages, for her true identity and a community in which she can develop that identity. Hurston's work was not political, but her characters' use of dialect, her manner of portraying black culture, and her conservatism created controversy within the black community.

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Throughout her career she addressed issues of race and gender, often relating them to the search for freedom. With the help of her writings, their effects on the world Hurston became a unique artist and scientist. Hurston became perhaps the most prolific and well-k…

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