A beautiful surroundings, unless man-made.Carthage has one of

A decision weighed intensely in the heart of every student, college is.

The domicile inhabited for the four years lavished on college must be one that a student regards as comfortable.Carthage is a college with several attributes that impress upon a pupil.The opportunity of an alternative approach to learning, the options provided for courses, and the commodious surroundings all contribute to the appeal of Carthage. The initial attribute that allured me to Carthage was the astounding vista from the campus.

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The campus rests at the shores of Lake Michigan.A simple glimpse from the corner of campus reveals a view that stirs the soul.When I was still in grade school, I accompanied a friend of mine when she went to view the campus.It was a blustery January day and the outdoor section of the tour was quite brisk.

I was anxious to warm myself in a nearby building.Upon the brink of numbness, we approached the edge of campus, near the shore.There I beheld an invigorating picture of the sun glistening over the waters of Lake Michigan.It is a sight that I have held on to since that day.Many colleges are situated amongst the most populous part of a city.This does not allow for many beautiful surroundings, unless man-made.

Carthage has one of natures most mysterious and fascinating aspects situated in view from campus. When perusing through the Carthage website last school year, I came across a possibility which I had never encountered in any other college.Many offered extended learning activities, but none to the extent of the January Term.I became intrigued by the opportunity to expand my learning through unique approaches.

I entirely relish the idea of learning in an original manner.I tend to think and learn in a sense that most do not.The opportunity of the J-Term provides me with an outlet for my unique sense of comprehension.There are very few places that acknowledge the differences that exist in the w…

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