Imagine traditional people in Zakopane were very different.

Imagine walking up to lake Morskie oko in the boiling hot sun and stepping ina church that has stood way longer on this earth than your own two feet, that gathers invaluable information but can an adequate amount of this information be gained within the four walls of a classroom. For two weeks we studied Zakopane up close and under the microscope and observed the Society, Art and Architecture, Economy, and Geography.

We were trying to answer the conundrum; can you develop a complete understanding of Society from classroom study by reading books and taking information off of the web. Even though traveling to Zakopane to learn gives you irreplaceable information, you can still learn and adequate amount in the classroom. First of all as I imagined the Gorale people were very different to your average Warszawian. Before hand we found out that the clothes that the mountain people wear are extremely unique and different to all clothes in Warsaw. They would wear very thick clothes so to cope with the weather and overall climate of the Podhale region.

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I also knew that the weddings of the traditional people in Zakopane were very different. They sounded very over the top but every thing involved was moderate when I heard from a Gorale. In addition I found out about the some of the customs the Gorale people adopted i.e.

I f a man is not married he would wear a feather in his hat. One thing that I believed was that the weather would be a lot colder in the Tatras and in Zakopane. I thought that because the altitude of Zakopane and the Tatras was a long way above sea level. I had found some evidence to support this. One thing was that on average the temperature was five degrees Celsius over the entire year and even in summer it was only on average fifteen degrees Celsius. Finally the Zakopane residents would spend around one hundred and thirty days in the snow. When I arrived in Zakopane I was incredibly shocked to find that the weather was .


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