Zaius Rough Draft Macbeth Gender Roles The stereotypical

Zaius Howard13 November 2017English II Rough DraftMacbeth Gender RolesThe stereotypical behavior of a man is aggressiveness, competitiveness, strength and independence.

The stereotypical behavior of a woman is softness, dependent, and emotional. In the play Macbeth, the backstory of the main character ,Macbeth, is that he view his prophecy, and the results of the prophecy stated the he will become king.Macbeth has a wife that is waiting impatiently to become queen. The Macbeths are anchus to become king and queen and are willing to do anything in there power to gain royalty. Even though at the beginning of the play, the Macbeths occupy the opposite gender roles, becoming king causes Macbeth to behave more masculine while allowing Macbeth to be head of the family Lady Macbeth reverts back to the stereotypical feminine behavior.Lady Macbeth is being portrayed as being more determined to become Queen than Macbeth is to become king.

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In Act I Banquo states , ” You should be women,And yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so.”(1.3.47-49) Lady Macbeth is beginning to define the definition of masculinity. “Prithee, peace: I dare do all that may become a man.” (1.7.

39-51)Lady Macbeth is more aggressive than Macbeth because she will do anything it takes to become queen and she convinced Macbeth to kill everyone he killed.Macbeth stated,”Bring forth men-children only; for thy undaunted mettle should compose nothing but males.” (1.7.83-85) Macbeth feels that his wife is so manly that she can make male children.Macbeth seems to act more feminine because he is becoming dependent on Lady Macbeth to make all of his decisions as king.

In Act 3 Lady Macbeth questions Macbeth’s masculinity and asks , “Are you a man?”(3.4.70)Macbeth acts masculine when he kills king duncan, banquo and others to become king. He manned up to commit the ruthless crimes but, begins to act soft and feminine when he whines about it afterward.

(add quote) After he kills someone with the dagger he complains about the blood on it.Once Macbeth becomes the king he begins to gains strength and starts to stand up for himself. Lady Macbeth begins to back down and starts to act like the stereotype woman and becomes more dependent on macbeth for things.

While holding the king’s position the king’s wife lost her life.


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