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The author seeks to contradict a recent newspaper article that – in her words -gave the impression that downsizing inflicted serious economic hardships on competent people.

She cites a recent survey that claimed that a greater number of high paying jobs were created than the number of jobs lost to downsizing. She also mentions that the majority of those downsized found jobs and thus declared that the article was misleading. I find her criticism of the article unsupported by the survey cited.

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First, according to the author, the article is misleading because it says that those downsized had to face hardships before finding employment. Clearly, the article does not claim that people could not find new jobs, only that they had to struggle, often for several years before gaining employment. The survey cited by the author does not refute any of these claims made by the article. It may be true that a large number of new jobs are created and that the people who lost jobs finally find jobs.

However there are two questions that the survey does not answer. First, how long did it take those downsized to find these new jobs There are reasons to believe that they did not get them quickly as the article said. It is likely that the people downsized had to acquire new skills to be eligible for the new jobs being created. The survey does not mention the areas in which the new jobs were created, but it is reasonable to expect that the new jobs would not be in the same areas in which downsizing is being witnessed.

It is possible for a company to downsize even though new jobs are being created in the same field , but if a number of companies are downsizing , it is probably because the markets are down and companies are over-staffed. Acquiring new skills is likely to take some time, besides money. Even a reasonable computer course would take atleast a year.

The article does not say that the people did not find jobs at all, only it took time. The survey d…

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