Your local community. Our aim is to provide

Your feedback matters to usThank you for taking out your timeto read this information leaflet regarding the proposed development at LordshipLane on Frodsham/Helsby Marsh. We hope this information provides you anopportunity to let us know your views and thoughts as we continue to form ourproposals.

If you have any feedback regarding the information or planneddevelopment, we would love to hear from you as it can influence and shape thefuture of your community. Contact us using the details at the end of theleaflet. We understand that people livingnear to the development site will be concerned about various things such asincreased levels of traffic, noise, loss of views and many other aspects. Weintend this leaflet will aim to help address these concerns.

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  Who are NW Developments?NW Developments has over 30 yearsof experience within the land and development industry in the North West ofEngland. We are the most successful land developer in the UK and will continueto be committed to providing regeneration, investment and sustainabledevelopment in the region.       Location PlanFigure 1: Lordship Lane Site Area Map, created on Digimap(University of Manchester, 23 Nov 2017)Figure 2: Surrounding Area of development site. In thearea of Frodsham/Helsby Marsh.

Map created via Digimap (University ofManchester)23 November 2017The site is surrounded by windfarms owned by Peel Wind Farms Ltd. The area mainly consists of farmland andaccess routes from the west. Frodsham Marsh Farm lies nearbywhich is a un-inhabitable property and will remain so for the time of theconstruction of the development area.

The Mersey Estuary Site of SpecialScientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Area (SPA), and Ramsar WetlandSite are also located near the site (Peel Wind Farms Ltd, 2010). Our ApproachNW Developments recognise itsresponsibility to respect the existing character of the area and respond to theneeds of the local community. Our aim is to provide additional benefits to thedevelopment area and surrounding sites where possible. We encourage yourcomments and feedback as this will enable you to help shape the development’sdesign.The Environmental Imapct Assessment processoverviewThroughout the Environmental ImpactAssessment (EIA), we will carry out a systematic analysis of the potentialimpacts caused from the development.

By carrying out the EIA, theprocess will ensure that all potential impacts within construction, operationand decommissioning are considered and accounted for. As a result, we encouragelocal businesses and residents to provide us with feedback in relation to thedesign of the project and impacts. This will enable us to provide the necessarymitigation measures required for the development.  We will be holding threepre-application public exhibitions as follows: ·      February 10th 2018 – 10am – Frodsham CommunityCentre·      February 17th 2018 – 10am – Elton CommunityCentre·      February 24th 2018 – 10am – Helsby CommunityCentreThis will provide an opportunityfor more information to be communicated as well as questions to be asked aboutthe project.

 Our Development ProposalA mix development site of 15hectares to include: ·      A mixture of warehousing of various sizes; ·      Units for light industrial use; ·      Indoor recreational use/sports facilities, suchas football pitches, changing rooms facilities and an indoor paintball arena. aerial viewFigure 3: Satellite Image Aerial View of Lordship LaneSite. (Google Satellite Imagery) Accessed December 2017How can the community benefit?The proposed development has thepotential to deliver the following benefits: ·      A high quality landscape setting which will beof benefit to both existing and future residents near Lordship Lane; ·      New public space and footpaths for residents toenjoy such as the indoor sports facilities; ·      Fully equipped recreational spaces to cater fora range of ages; ·      Increased customers and spending to supportlocal businesses. We hope that this development willprovide an increased improvement to the area and provide a range of qualityservices for both business and local community in the Lordship Lane area.

Wewould be interested to hear your thoughts on any additional services you thinkwould be of value for your community.  Your questions answeredWhy lordship lane?The site has beenchosen due to its suitability for development and sustainable location. We believethat development in this area will be the foundation of improving the landscapeand will provide beneficial services for the local community.  Will the roads around the area be able to cope?We understand thatthe new development will cause stress on traffic and transport routes duringthe construction phase and during its use. Our consultants will work with yourlocal highway authority to ensure the development does not significantlydisrupt the area. We will also re-assess and look at ways we can improvetransport links between the site and local areas once the development iscomplete if any issues arise. There are multiple access routes tothe sites.

Cars, LGVs and HGVSs can access via the A5117, Pool Lane, KemiraRoad and Marsh Lane. The M53 and M56 also provide junctions to the A5117 foreasy access which already experience high volumes of HGV traffic (Peel WindFarms Ltd, 2010).  The Manchester ShipCanal can also be used if necessary to transport very large loads to the site. Theaccess location will be determined in the follow up application Will our local services be able to cope?The developmentshould boost local businesses such as shops and public houses due to the newinflux of people that will be travelling to and from the site that will use theservices already in the surrounding areas.

Therefore, we believe the localservices will be more than viable.  will it increase risk of flooding?We have consideredthe potential impacts of the development on the existing hydrology of the siteand surrounding area. The site is between the Hoolpool Gutter to the west, withthe East Central Drain and West Central Drain further to the west beyond thesite boundary (Peel Wind Farms Ltd, 2010). The water level will be controlled bya pumping station into the River Weaver. The pumping station is owned andoperated by the Environment Agency. We will ensure that a range ofmitigation measures are proposed to minimise any future potential impacts offlooding. The site lies in Flood Zone 1 (lessthan 1 in 1000-year chance of fluvial flooding), so there is very low risk offlooding (Peel Wind Farms Ltd, 2010).

We will ensure that surface water willnot run off after development above the level of the current state This will beachieved through creating a basin on site to hold surface water run-off, beforecontrolling the release of this water into the existing water network.  What impact will it have on our environment?EcologySurrounding areas ofthe site carry the Frodsham/Helsby Marsh Site of Biological Interest. Also, theMersey Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special ProtectionArea (SPA), and Ramsar Wetland Site are located nearby. Therefore, we willensure ecology experts carry out and ecological impact assessment for theproposed site and provide the analyses as necessary. Surveys will be needed to carriedout at different times of year to identify any possible habitats. Specificsurveys for bats, badgers, water voles and the Great Crested Newts will be alsocarried out. Any significant losses in habitatwill be accounted for and mitigation measure made in place.

Landscape and visual appearanceA landscape and visual assessmentwill be carried out as part of the EIA to analyse the impact of the site to thelandscape. It is our intention to not significantly alter the landscape and werequire public feedback on our proposal to ensure this is the case. Differentviewpoints will be identified and details of colour, size, layout of theproject will be accessed and communicated to the community later on in theprocess.  What happens next?We are in the early stages ofdevelopment at Lordship Lane. This information leaflet is the start of a seriesof consultations which will enable us to undertake an EIA soon. We will carefully collect allfeedback provided and use it in our final proposal.

A range of assessments andreports on matters such as ecology, heritage, flooding, highways and landscapewill further help shape our proposals.your feedback is important to usWe will regularly post updatesregarding the site and dedicate a website to ensure the community can stay upto date. Please contact us by email: [email protected] feedback about the site project.   ReferencesBarrow, C.

(2006) EnvironmentalManagement: Principles and Practice, Routledge, London. Bell, D.S., McGillivray, D. andPedersen, O. (eds) (2017) Environmental Law 9th edition, Oxford UniversityPress, Oxford.Gladman Land, 2003. PROPOSEDRESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT ON LAND OFF DYMOCK ROAD, LEDBURY: Public Consultation.


Accessed 15December 2017. Peel Wind Farms Ltd, 2010. FrodshamWind Farm: Environmental Statement – Non-Technical Summary. RSK Environment LTD.

online 15 December 2017.



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