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Being one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of computer services, hardware and software, IBM had made sure their main website would look nice and sleek to its browsers. Typing the www.

ibm. com in the address bar would then lead you to their default website version that uses the US English language format. Web design was very nice as it complies with the natural look of other business web designs. What is nice with their site is the big space they had allotted for their flash media component. Through their effective use of graphics and animation enhancement, I had been attracted to viewing the articles their flash media advertises.Through animation, the media had been able to promote three articles using the same space without making the homepage look cluttered. The first article promoted by their flash animation gave me a feeling that if I am a CIO of a company, their offered service would be very helpful for me so as I can meet perfectly my business obligations. The second was an article loaded with information about the history of microprocessors together with how did the IBM Company contributed and had lead to these technological advances.

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The third article looks more to me as an advertisement about their offered computer hardware but since I am not well aware enough with what they had presented in that article, I think the third one was less appealing. Going back to their homepage, below the flash media is a tabbed panel where I had been given a chance on how would I navigate to the company’s website. The company’s website, I think, had provided its browsers the freedom to choose on how it would navigate through the whole site based on the bulleted subtopics they had given in their bottom tab panel.

www. apple. com The website of apple looks like the format of the website of IBM because it also has a big centerpiece picture. Though the centerpiece of apple’s website is only a picture unlike the IBM’s flash format, the picture in itself is attractive and I think animation in the front page is no need.

The picture is a giant advertisement which serves as a link to a movie tour for the Mac OS X Leopard, the newest operating system offered by apple.Clicking the picture would lead to a web page prompt for the user if he wants to view or download the movie in a low or high quality video. Apple had done this in order that the user can decide if he would want a high quality but big file-sized video or the low quality but small file-sized video. Both on top of the centerpiece picture of the homepage and the prompt webpage is five links in between the apple logo and a search bar. I think these links were present all throughout the site.

This would enable the user to easily go back to the front pages of the individual links.Going back to the main page, below the centerpiece picture is a bar of alternately streaming headlines and four smaller pictures that also advertises apple products like the centerpiece picture. Clicking the streaming headlines would lead you to a webpage that contains the first paragraphs of their top stories while clicking the four smaller pictures would lead to a webpage that looks like the webpage linked for the centerpiece picture. The front page of apple looks cleaner than the website of IBM because it uses little amount of text but more pictures that would be appealing to the browsers eyes.

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