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You must have rules to be freeIn todays world things become chaotic without rules or regulations, and because of this almost everything has a rule attached to it. Although there are many rules we are also free, but without many of those rules we would not be free. If thought about everyday simple things that are done you would realize why there are rules and why we need them.

For example, think about driving. Imagine coming to a busy intersection and not having a light or a stop sign. It would be like traffic in France or many other European countries. Without having those stop signs or lights everybody would be so cautious because some people arent always polite and wait in turn. If you thought getting to school in the morning was tough, try it with no traffic signs or lights.

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Now here is another crazy example, imagine if students didnt have to go to school. Well, remember the kid in 8th grade always saying “I hate school”, well I guess youd never see him there. Youre probably thinking that not all kids would stay home, and I agree but the majority of kids would stay home a lot because they didnt feel like going, probably causing them to miss a lot of important information. Causing them to fail.Finally, Think about a sporting event you compete in or participate.

What would it be without rules? It wouldnt be anything. People could get hurt if certain rules missing. Ever try playing football or soccer without rules. It usually turns into a blood bath. But with rules it loses some of its blood but it doesnt lose its fun in playing. I do agree sometimes there are stupid rules.

Well all these examples are very extreme and Im sure theyd never happen or wont happen for a very long time. But today in the United States it is even hard to even think what it would be like to have rules. So in my opinion the statement “you must have rules in order to be free” is very true.Category: English

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