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You have successfully navigated through your first date. Although initial data may be inconvenient and inconvenient at first, they can be both stimulating and rewarding. How can you describe it as rewarding? The first data could be useful if the date leads to a second.A second date indicates that you have made a good first impression. After the first date, when there is a sense of attraction, the desire to know the person better, when you feel comfortable and when you talk, the next date is more likely.Dating is all about eating out, good music and maybe dancing. In all phases of dating, there should be a constant exchange of thoughts and ideas. A lively conversation between two people can make the more sober atmosphere more lively.His first date was probably to get to know each other. The conversation usually focuses on interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, career prospects, etc. So the first day everything went well and you want to see you again. What to do next? A lively and fun conversation can allow your appointment to know your true self. So, what are some tips for the conversation for your next date? Here are some suggestions:The first successful dates are those that progress in a second. So put the fear factor aside. So, now you can safely ask this question – what is the most annoying thing that someone can do on a first date? This question can bring a smile on your partner’s face or in a reflective mood. This can be a good start for a conversation that adds a sense of humor to your conversation or brings one or the other to an analytical state of mind.Does a book have a big impact on you?If reading is a passion shared by both, that question will be relevant. A novel or a non-fiction book may have left an indelible mark. When you talk about books or similar hobbies, you can see that your general vision of life and the values ??and ethics you have adopted are common.What is the best offer you found? This is good advice to evaluate the fun aspect of your appointment. If your date is smart enough and certain aspects of life are rather frivolous or different, your answer to this question might be: “The best offer I found was choosing you for an appointment rather than going with a good rich guys, you are so lenient and so available when it comes to paying the bill … In addition to good food I have the opportunity to get rich thanks to the free and unlimited source of knowledge It would be bad It could have been a bargain if I went out with the rich. .. Beyond the constant discussion on the problems of the world, he could have seduced me with stories of “me, me, me”.What would be the title of your biography?A real conversation tip if you want your date to have your hat. Your answer to this question could shed some light on some aspects of your life / personality that you may not be aware of.What is the most unusual thing you can do?A conversation between you and your date should not always focus on serious or daily matters. To simplify the conversation, you can talk to you about the crazy things you’ve ever done. It is a way to communicate to each other the message that you are not a boring or boring person, as it seems to be one of you.If you could have a job in the world, what would it be?Every person should be focused, have a sense of orientation in life. He should aim for a higher goal to show his courage. This could be an effective way to discuss the ambitions of others.Can not you say anything?This should be your last topic of discussion. At the end of the evening, ask this question right now, but do not forget to answer first. His answer should normally be: “I’m pretty sure I can not say no to another date with you.” At the end of the evening, it’s obvious that you and your partner have learned a lot more from each other than the first date. Making a decision will be even more obvious!


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