You have any ideas, they should be fixed

You can create a good idea by increasing their total number. They will serve as the starting material for creating higher-level super-men. According to Linus Karl Pauling: the best way to create a good idea is to come up with a lot of them.

There is an opinion that only with quantity comes quality. And only a person with high productivity, is able to create the greatest creation and get fame. An example can serve as such outstanding personalities as Einstein (besides the theory of relativity he published more than 240 other works). Bach wrote a cantata every week, and Mozart created more than 600 works. Thomas Edison patented 1093 inventions, and how many still remained not patented. And further.

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 The quality of the author’s innovative ideas does not depend on how successful his previous work was. There is a general principle for most geniuses: at the time of creating brilliant masterpieces, they suffered the greatest setbacks.How can you get a lot of ideas? The answer to this question will be 6 tips that can help develop the appropriate type of thinking.First tip : expect ideasAt first, one must get rid of the limiting beliefs that he is not a creative person, and prejudices about the fact that creating ideas is the privilege of the elect. Ideas will start to emerge on their own.Second tip : welcome stupid and generally any ideasYou can not always focus on creating great ideas. Try to come up with and put forth a lot of ideas, not being afraid that they can be called “stupid” or “stupid”. After all, they can become a revolutionary idea of ??tomorrow.

The third tip : be open to new experiencesMan with the help of his senses absorbs various information. This information is used by his mind to create all possible associations. You need to diversify your life as much as possible, do not be afraid to do ordinary things in a completely different way, thereby getting fuel for your mind.The fourth tip : fix ideas immediatelyIf you have any ideas, they should be fixed immediately. For this, it is always necessary to have a recording tool with you.

 This can be a regular notepad, a dictaphone, or a PDA. The method of fixation does not matter. Having developed such a habit, as a reward from your mind, you will receive more and more new ideas.Fifth advice : be grateful for the ideasIf an idea is born in your head, be always grateful for it. By this you stimulate your mind, encouraging it to create new interesting ideas.

The sixth tip : ideas come in streamThere are situations when you do not have any ideas for a long time. Happens and vice versa, they come one after another, just have time to fix them. In any case, it is necessary to be able to correctly use the situation and make full use of the flood of ideas that have been flooding.


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