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YongTong Mai
January 7th 2018
Topic: In a few paragraphs, describe what is denoted by “Caribbean music in a new mode.” What emphasis, in this chapter, seems to justify a departure from traditional presentations of music and culture of the Caribbean?

Caribbean music in the new mode means that it remains the original African religion rituals, at the same time, it absorbs different cultures so that Caribbean music becomes in a new mode.
Colonial system is one of the most essential influences in “Caribbean music in a new mode.” Caribbean was colonized by European for a long time, therefore, Caribbean music had a huge change during this time. Some of countries in Europe have spread their music culture to all around the Caribbean. Meanwhile, the slavery system also had an effect on Caribbean music. The Black slaves from Africa also brought their primitive and grassroots music to the Caribbean. Dancing and playing the drum were the most common music skills in Africa, therefore, when the black slaves were sent to the Caribbean, those music skills were naturally mix with native music. “Caribbean music in now mode” is the fusion of European music, Indian music and African music. It has rich color gorgeous, unique distinctive rhythm and beautiful melody. The biggest characteristic of it is suitable for dancing. African music in the Caribbean is one of the most popular music around the music fans.
Even though Caribbean music keep changing because of religion and culture, it still can express information during playing the music. Reggae music is one kind of the Caribbean music. It originated in Jamaica and is rooted in the R&B of New Orleans. Reggae music is formed because people can not play so fast music in the high temperature outdoors. They slowed down the music and formed Reggae music. Reggae music combined with traditional African rhythm, American rhythm and blue and the original folk music in Jamaica. The lyrics are based on the religious traditions of the Jamaican black sect, and emphasizes social, political and humanistic care.
Caribbean music not only kept improving, but it kept the original religious rituals and belief.


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