Yes technologies. The speed with which new

indeed, Agile Methodology is specifically designed for IT projects to replace
traditional methodologies. I would like to open the argument for above
statement with following key points.

Agile increases the satisfaction of
customer through early and continuous delivery

Agile Welcome changing requirements

Working together daily throughout the

Contribution with motivated

Continuous attention to technical

Reflection of effectiveness and

In agile
methodology, each iteration should be a deliverable which satisfies the customer’s
requirement, and also in the beginning of the each iteration project priorities
are re-evaluated which facilitates the client to focus on the changing needs
and cater according to the new requirements or improvements that comes from the
market analysis. Meantime, agile uses the approach
to identify the right end users and their goals, to formulate the project
performance and to meet the performance requirements of the business process
which increases the customer satisfaction, lower error rates and faster
development times.

The agile method emphasizes the flexibility to meet the project requirements. Moreover, the agile method meets rapidly changing requirements by making quick comments on the technical characteristics of the project performance. The agile method ensures that the requirements are not overloaded. Meantime, the development of mobile applications is currently a very difficult task due to the specific requirements and technical constraints in the mobile environment 1, such as limited capabilities and rapid development of terminals, standards, protocols, and various network technologies. The speed with which new types of mobile phones are introduced to the market is considerably faster than the speed at which application development techniques for these mobile phones have improved. Most phones that are used in the market are smartphones with very high computing power. These smartphones, however, require special applications because of the internal nature of mobile phones, which make the requirements for very specific applications 2. The mobile application market is expanding exponentially. Gartner’s studies predicted that by the end of 2014, more than 185 billion apps had been downloaded from mobile app stores, and the first was launched in July 2008 3. Another study by Gartner 3 shows that 428 million mobile devices were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2011, an increase of 19% over the previous year. 

The agile project management methodology, with greater adaptability
to a domain that changes frequently, uses iterative or incremental planning and
continuous integration that helps the organization to cope with the constantly
changing mobile technology environment mentioned above. If
specifications often change over the life of the project, the traditional
project management approach may not work efficiently 5. Software development
projects are often designed with minimal specifications that often modify these
specifications during project implementation. In addition, the development time
of the software projects is short. Due to the short development time of these
projects, agile methods are suitable for software development projects compared
to conventional project management techniques 4.

most important characteristics of the agile method are effective communication
within and outside the project team and the flexibility to add extra
requirements. Agile is all about evolving requirement and then,
strong communication comes into picture in this principle. Stakeholders of a
product must be an integral part of core team and included in all
communications in all cycles.

Giving the environment that the team need, support their need and trust them to get job done is a core part of agile and it will helps the project to build around highly motivated peoples. Moreover, agile emphasis continuous learning which improves individual excellence with continuous attention to technical excellence. Meantime agile uses that the working software as primary measure of progress, from which all the stakeholders can have a clear understand that a working software is primary goal of any iteration. Also it reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the team which also a motivation factor for the team.


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