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Dear honorable gentleman, the strenuous road to full and virtuous independence has come to an ultimate crossroad.We, representing all New Yorkers, have been given the vital decision regarding the ratification of the proposed Constitution.

We have pledged to promote what is best for our people, and the optimum way to proceed in this manner is by voting yea to the Constitution.The Constitution provides a plethora of benefits that the current Articles of Confederation failed to furnish; the most important of the benefits is the superbly constructed plan for the division of power between branches of government.In addition, many other lesser powers were granted to the government that have the potential to promote this country to the zenith of world powers in a relatively short time. Quite simply, the Articles of Confederation failed miserably at distributing powers properly.Authoritarianism is reached when too much power is given; on the other hand, with too little power anarchy is created (Doc 1).

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The major flaw of the Articles of Confederation was that the creators of it were exceptionally frightened by authoritarianism, therefore they essentially chose the other extreme, anarchy, and established a government that left the window of possibility for lawlessness wide open.This must be changed, and one of the primary focuses of the Constitution is on the balancing between authoritarianism and anarchy. The Constitution correctly distributes the powers that each branch of government needs to operate efficiently, while establishing a system of checks and balances to prevent one branch from becoming overly powerful.The current Articles of Confederation do not provide the federal government the power of taxation, one of the most basic powers of any federal government.Benjamin Franklin boldly stated, "It is absurd the pretending to be Lovers of Liberty while they grudge paying for the Defence of it" (Doc 2).The C.


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