Yamanoue trivial to anybody yet they express how

          Yamanoue is a Japanese poet who went
through a heartbreaking experience of losing his son. Influenced by his deep memories
of the past and fixated on the loss of his son, he wrote three poems that describes
his despair; two of them are to be analyzed in this essay. In the opening lines
if Yamanoue’s Man’y?sh? V: 806-807poem, the speaker conveys he indulges in
memories of his children whenever he eats melons or chestnuts. Sights of his
children keep quivering between his eyes making him restless and depriving him from
sleep and inner peace. Then he asks himself rhetorically how important his
children are to him, he instantly assures that one’s child is more worthy than
any treasure. The main theme in the poem is to show the longing of the speaker
to his children and use of metaphoric image to compare them to a treasure
(gold, silver and jewels). Man’y?sh? V: 909-911 is a poem of yearning for his
son we see the speaker still emphasizing on how important his son is by
comparing him to a lustrous pearl and a bright star. In lines 32-35
he uses imagery comparing life of his son to a ship that was wrecked by
unwanted winds and destroyed their life happiness. For Lines 43-47 depressed
and melancholic, the speaker begs in despair both gods of earth and heaven but
all was in vain as his wishes never came true. In Yamanoue’s attempt to create
contrast between life with and without his son he says in lines 22 and 65
“Don’t go away from me.” and “I have let him go like a bird in flight.” These
two lines show contrast as it shows how bonded his son was to him however he
was gone like a flying bird with uncontrolled departure. So for him it felt so touching
because it was obvious they would never be reunited again. The main theme in
both poems is about the love bond between son and child and that whenever a
father is separated from his child he keeps thinking about him and tries in
every way to get him back. As one of the most painful events that may happen in
a man’s life he wipes off his tears as he recalls in both poems memories that
may appear trivial to anybody yet they express how lonely he feels without his
son. In both poems he compares children to things that are of value and great
importance to the reader like treasures and stars to show their substantial
role in their fathers’ life.



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