Pursuant Sea and China The Hong Kong

Pursuant to the agreement signed by China and the UK on 19 December 1984, Hong Kong became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China on 1 July 1997.

Under the terms of this agreement, China has promised that under its “one country, two systems” formula its socialist economic system will not be practiced in Hong Kong, and that Hong Kong shall enjoy a high degree of autonomy in all matters except foreign and defense affairs. Location: Eastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and China The Hong Kong Region Lies on the Eastern side of the Pearl River Estuary, facing Macau across the river, bordering on the South China Sea and bounded by 3 Special Economic Zone on the north. Its railway distance is 140 Kilometers to the city center of Guangzhou in GuangDong Province. (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Macau will ultimately form a very vital triangle in the Pearl River Delta making this region one of the strongest is the world economically.) The area of Hong Kong today consists of three parts: 1) Hong Kong Island (79 square kilometers) which was ceded to Britain by the Nanjing Treaty as the result of the First Opium War in 1842. 2)The Kowloon Peninsula (10 square kilometers) with its border on the north called “The Boundary Street”, which was ceded to Britain by the Convention of Beijing as the result of the Second Opium War in 1860.

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3) The New Territory covers an area of nearly 1,000 square kilometers between the Boundary Street on the South & the Shenzhen River to the North, making up about 91% of the total area of Hong Kong today. It was leased to Britain according to a. special treaty (The Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong of 1898.

) for 99 years so that this year 1997 is the end of the treaty. The following is the historic background of the event, which added more humiliation to the Chinese nation. Near the end of the 19th century, the western powers and Japan scrambled for their spheres of influence in.


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