Question: depleted. This was not a positive

Question: How were the majority of Americans affected on the Home Front? The majority of Americans were greatly affected on the Home Front. Almost every family lent out a father or brother to the army, and a mother or sister to the work force. Every one contributed all that that had and then some.

Anything to "bring the boys home." After the draft, the labor force in the United States was severely depleted. This was not a positive thing considering America was the furthest behind concerning war mobility. The government called on everybody who was able to contribute to the war effort. Women, minorities, immigrants, farmers, and other small-job holders took the place of the overseas men in the factories.

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By 1943 over 5 million women, and 40 million small-job holders had found themselves a new home in America's war-time labor force. These people worked double time and under extreme conditions. Often seven days a week, three shifts a day with no breaks in between. But their hard-work paid off and soon America was out-producing any other Ally. However, these enormous sacrifices were not without consequences. With so many mothers working day-long shifts, many children were left unattended.

Some roamed the streets. Others camped out inside local movie theaters for up to 10 hours a day until Mommy came and picked them up. The high-school drop out rate soared and juvenile delinquency was up by sixty percent. This forced the government to take action and provide day care and other social services. Although these times were increasingly difficult, especially after government rationing was enstated, Americans still seemed eager and willing to help.

Children collected scraps of metal and rubber. People brought their grease to the butcher shop. Even Hollywood stars participated by encouraging people to purchase war bonds. One of the things that kept this fire burning within American homes was the occasional letter from Fa..


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