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After World War I, the world was a chaotic muddle of unresolved issues including international distrust, resented economic hardship, and repressed feelings.Political conditions that existed after World War One created a tense atmosphere filled with international distrust, and aggression.Treaty of Versailles, which formally ended the war, did little to address the unresolved issues and actually promoted international distrust and resentment.

Harsh economic conditions devastated millions of people in Europe and around the globe.Strong feelings of resentment, guilt, and fierce anger plagued the disillusioned citizens of the countries involved, and overrode thoughts of reason in much of the world. If world leaders had addressed these issues and taken steps to create international trust, cooperate to lessen economic burdens, and defuse resentment among Europe's citizens, World War II could have been avoided.If post World War I conditions had been different, World War II might not have happened, and could have perhaps been avoided completely. The growing tension of the intense political atmosphere that formed during the post World War I years was a major cause of World War II that could have been altered to avoid the second world war.Offended by the Treaty of Versailles, which was extremely harsh, and desperate to re-establish a sense of pride in their country, Germans all shared the common goal of attaining full restoration of the glory of Germany's past.Hitler, who passionately shared this goal with the German people, was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

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Immediately after Hitler gained power in Germany, he began to directly violate the Treaty of Versailles.In 1935, Hitler announced his intent to rearm Germany, which openly defied the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.This was thefirst opportunity the Allied powers had to step in and stop Hitler from any future action.Although he openly disregard…

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