World time period. It affected the people

World War II had great impacts on the lives of everyone alive during that time period. It affected the people at war as well as the people in the homefront. To see how much it did change the lives of people we were asked to interview someone that was alive during that time period. I chose to do interview Ellen Tyroler, a chemistry teacher at Morris Knolls High School. Q.

How old were you during the Word War II time period? A. Armenian and German, my father is German and my mother is Armenian. Q. When did youfirst hear about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? A.

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My father used to listen to the radio , and he would hear Hitler’s speaches on the radio. Q. How did this make you and your father feel? A. I was terribly upset and my father was also. Q. How did the people in the US react when they heard that Germany was taking over Europe? A. Everyone was really upset and angry. Q.

When and how did you hear about the holocaust? A. Ifirst saw it in a newspaper that my father had. There was a little ad in it that said if you sent $1 to this agency, they would send you more information about what exactly was going on with the holocaust. So I knew more about the holocaust more than other people because I was getting the information sent to me. Q. How did this make you feel when you heard what was going on in the holocaust? A. I was torn apart, my father was broken down. I can’t believe that this can be done to people.

Q. Did this affect your opinion of the Germans? A. No, I do not blame every German, just those who took part in making the holocaust.

Q. How do you feel about Italy and Mussolini? A. I felt Italy was wrong in taking sides with the Germans. Mussolini was a corrupt man who was just like Hitler.

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