During things that increased Germany’s power were

During World War II many significant factors helped Germany become a powerful country, however many factors led to Germany's fall.Two things that increased Germany's power were Tanks, and there Aircrafts.Germany also had a very powerful tactic they used.

Although Germany had these powerful weapons of war, Russia and the United States had many powerful weapons too, but also produced there weapons faster. Between the years 1933 and 1945 Germany's industry developed and produced a chain of tank models which were called "Panzerkamfwagen" which means "Armored Fighting Vehicle".The German military called them for short "Panzer" (armor).The Panzer 1 was a very small light tank which held two people and was armed with two light machineguns.It was produced in the mid 1930's as a training tank, then finally used in WWII.The Panzer 2 was still a light tank with a crew of three, and this tank was developed in the mid 1930 as a short-term tank till the arrival of the Panzer 3.Although this tank was only intended as a training tank, it was the main tank in the Blitzkrieg invasions of Poland and France, were about 1000 Panzer 2's participated.This tank also participated in the invasion of Russia in 1941, although it was already outdated and lacked armor and firepower.

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It was only armed with a 20mm gun and a coaxial 0.3" machine gun. The Panzer II was also the basis for several special tank models: a fast recon tank, an amphibious tank, equipped with a propeller, developed for the intended invasion of England in 1940, and a flamethrower tank (called Flammpanzer 2) equipped with two flamethrowers but only 100 were ever in service in 1942.When the Panzer 2 became so outdated, it was finally converted to a self-propelled anti-tank gun, using captured Russian 76mm guns (called Marder 1) and German 75mm guns (called Marder 2).A self-propelled 105mm artillery gun vers.


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