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World War II affected people's lives in many ways especially women.

If World War II had not happened many women today would not obtained their positions in office that they hold. The reason that World War II affected women is because many men had gone off to war and women took their jobs temporarily until they got back from the war. Women not only took over jobs at the home front, but they also went off to war. The women who had children stayed at home as housewives. The other women who did notgo off to war took care of the men's jobs.

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One way women passed time outside of the home was playing baseball. Women took men's place on the ball fields because men had left to fight on the battlefields. Baseball was at risk, because not as many citizens came to watch the athletes play while their loved ones were risking their lives on foreign shores. This declined the interest and cause criticism to raise dramatically. Due to the difference in pay many women fought for a equal or higher pay then men. Men were being paid at least one hundred thousand or more dollars when women were being paid close to thirty thousand dollars (Helmer 1-6).

Not all women who stayed at home played baseball; a majority of women took men's jobs in factories.The situation in the 1940's enabled and estimated four hundred thousand women to fill in about fifteen million jobs that were available. Due to this many different things occurred. Some of the effects were negative while others turned out to be positive.

One major negative effect that happened was a severe labor shortage at home. A positive effect of the labor shortages wasthat jobs were filled by women, who thought they would never be able to hold a job in the United States. Another negative effect was that discrimination increased, especially in the Federal Government (Campbell 3-15). Besides working in the Armed Forces and taking jobs at home, there were women who worked to…

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