American with Russia further secured American foreign involvement.The

American involvement in World War II led to an isolationist temperament. Despite victories in east and west, American society was willing to lick its wounds and regroup to the temporary exclusion of any further foreign entanglement.

The continued crisis with Russia further secured American foreign involvement.The sudden influx of money and labor into an economy gauged for war was also stressful.Predictably, the United States encountered a post-war economic bust.The fabric of society also became torn by the resurgence of civil rights movements.

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Minorities looked to advance their campaign during the ensuing turmoil.Politicians of the post-war period ran a gauntlet of touchy issues.Nevertheless, Roosevelt’s actions during this period established a stable environment to which Truman would fit nicely. Truman avoided these issues during his campaign and entered the White House with a plan of reconstruction for both the majority and minorities. The greatest domestic effect of World War II was its drastic influence on the economic and social lives of the American people.

The immediate economic aftereffects of WWII dismissed the sullen outlook of the Great Depression and unemployment, deflation, and industrial turmoil had all disappeared by 1941.Federal spending, established in 1939, allowed for the federal budget to undergo a tremendous increase ($9 billion to $100 billion).The necessity of goods before and during the war led to a nation-wide shortage in consumer products.As men started returning from Europe, however, the task forces were rejuvenated and the industrial powerhouses of the post-WWI era reinstated themselves as the sole engine of the United States.An immediate deflation in taxes, in addition, allowed for a national economic increase, and more people invested their money in the sanctuary of stable banks.This, in turn, would allow for a continuation of fiscal prosperity and the colossal economic boon.


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