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The period covered in the primary documentation associated with Chapter 19 of Eric Foner's Voices of Freedom is clearly a period of transition. The era surrounding World War I demonstrates a time when the definitions of intrinsic values were being challenged and reassessed almost on a constant basis.

From 1916-1920 America was involved in reformulating what values it was said to hold dear and the official take on what those values mean was often one that did not meet with everyone's approval.From President Wilson's speech admonishing America business for being to isolationist and short sited in international dealings to the final work in which Fitch expresses the context of regional labor strikes there is a sense of a collective demand for change as well as a reassertion of the cries for freedom and even a reevaluation of the very definitions of freedom and democracy. One thing that definitely strikes the reader is that each of these messages, from texts and transcripts that were written and felt between 1916 and 1920 is a timely message about the modern world. These speakers without exception could be speaking today, in the age of the Patriot Act, racial tensions and global economic exploitation. Within this chapter each subsequent work looks at a different aspect of American life during the period.

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Yet, in each is a clear sense of dissatisfaction. Wilson's broad dream of a democratic world, embellished by American economics and understanding of the needs of the nations it is trading with could be a call to action even today.It is timely in a discussion about the growing global economy as well as the need to build such an economy in a socially responsible manner. (92-93)Within Fitch's work there are also calls for social responsibility, when the speaker addresses the meeting stating that there will be no assimilation in a society where immigrant labor is exploited and given no time to love or learn ab.


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