Well very ambitious plans, as Han Delbruck,

Well this is a very controversial theme that over many years many historians had investigates and research but to understand really who's fault was WW1 we have tofirst see the actor and the set.

In 1871 Germany became a country in the Hall of Mirrors in France, a new form nation of many small states, Prussia was the biggest state and had recently won a war with France. In Prussia was born Kaiser Wilhem II, who is going to be one of the main characters in this investigation because of his decision millions of peoples live change. The Kaiser was born with difficulties he had a lack of oxygen and a withered left armthat he always hide very wisely. He was a very proud of his position but he had a really bad tempered character and many of his ministers and advisers were irritated by his violent outbursts. From a very young age he was interested in the army but by his left arm he would have been rejected, but obviously as son of the Kaiser he was accepted. He is character could be described as her mom send to Queen Victoria that was her aunt, "Willy is chauvinistic and ultra Prussian to a degree and with a violence qhich is very painful to me".

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Germany was in 1899 with very ambitious plans, as Han Delbruck, a German politician of the time said: "We want to be a World Power and Pursue colonial policy in the grand manner. There can be no step backward. The entire future of our people among the great nations depend on it". They had a powerful army and it was really interests in acquiring new lands. Also we have to consider the fact that Kaiser was cousin of the British Royal Family and by this time Britain had ? of the earth surface, " Empire that the sun never set".

Britain also had the largest navy and this might had made the Kaiser jealous. The Kaiser was a person that in his mind had many problems maybe a sense of inferiority, and jealous to Britain.He also might fell very incapable because..


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