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There are many shapes and sizes of people that follow a mass movement, but according to Eric Hoffer in his book The True Believer, all the people have some peculiarities in common with one another. No matter if it isreligious movements, nationalist movements, or social revolutions, each person in a mass movement seem to follow a certain mold. In reading this book one could come to the conclusion that this man is educated in this field.

He points out many facts that are right on the button. This book, The True Believer, is a fantastic window into what makes a mass movement possible. It is also a great window into the minds of the people that join the movement. Hoffer does a great job of breaking down what kind of person it takes to join these mass movements.Hoffer explains what appeals to the people so that the people will actually join the movement.

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He points out that many people are attracted to the idea of a sudden change in their life. To these people the movement is a quick way for them to change their life. It is a vehicle for change, after all that is what a movements soul cause is, change. People that feel that they are successful are less likely to want to change. They will be more likely to want to cling to the present because they are doing so well.

Yet, the unsuccessful are likely to join the mass movement because they are frustrated with their life and are looking for a change. This point seems very valid. For someone to want a change in their life they must not be satisfied with their life.

If someone is successful and satisfied with their life why would they want a change? They have everything they want, they want no change because change would mean a different way of life. Why change what already works. The thought of a change for someone who is unsatisfied is a gateway for them to possibly grab onto the life they wish they had.It takes a certain kind of person to join these mass movements..


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