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effects of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Atomic bomb was created using the scientific discovery of Albert Einstein that E=MC2 .When it was dropped, little was known about the actual power in which it contained.During World War Two, two of them were dropped in Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The damage was so drastic, it ended World War Two and they have never been used in a war since.The short and long term effects were also very drastic and caused many major changes in the world.From the creation of a new Japan to the Anti-nuclear war pacts still around today, it had many effects. In 1941, Japan felt it was time to conquer China and to fortify itself for any counter attacks that were to take place after their major attack.The major attack was on Pearl Harbor in America.

The spurred America into joining World War two on the side of the Allied forces which led to the eventual downfall of Japan and Germany.One of the major factors that made America such a large factor in the winning of the Allied forces was the creation of the atomic bomb. Albert Eienstein, an acentric scientist who escaped Germany to Americabefore the concentration camps were started, invented the theory which was the major factor in creating the atomic bomb. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared or E=MC2.Meanwhile in Cambridge, England, the reverse process was seen.

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John Cockcroft and E. T. S.

Walton broke apart an atom. The fragments had slightly less mass in total than the original atom, but they flew apart with great energy. It seemed like their was going to be no end to the bloodshed that was taking place during World War Two.America was faring very well against Japan, but the more men that were killed, the more men that appeared.The death count was rising steadily and rising fast.Something needed to be done to end the war.

Noone was sure of the power of the atomic bomb, but thy were sure it was g…

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