World you could see many monumental places

World War two began at 1939? To ….( year it end).

However, the modern worldstill is living with the consequences of this war. Six year of war made many facts, the most important one isthe number of dead Jewish people.At that time Jewish people were livingin Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union, and othercountry in Europe. Most of the Jewish were located in Poland, so no wander thatmore than 95% of all Jewish population that lived in Poland were dead. It was easy to define for Nazis who was Jewish and who wasn't. in November 14th, 1935 the Nazisissued a document that define Jew.

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In this document were writtenthat anyone who had atwo- treeJewishgrandparent, or someone that was married to Jew was automatically a Jew. Every Jewishcommunityin occupied Europe suffered losses during the holocaust .In counties like Latvia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary , more then 70% of Jewish population was killed by Nazis.Many of Jewish wereforce to the death camp, where they sufferedtheir death. If you travel in Poland you could see many monumental places where no one is living thatbecause it was a death campo before.

It is imposable to ascertain to exact number of Jewish victims, statisticindicate that the total was over 5.860.00. However,over 5.000.

000 non- Jewishcivilianwere murder over theNazis and their collaboratorsand persecuted were Gypsies, Serb, Polish intelligentsia, resistance fighters from all the nations, German opponentsof Nazis, homosexuals, Jehovahis witnesses, habitual criminals, anti-social, beggars, vagrants. Many people who help Jewish die too. – mam rozazye istoriu…

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