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During this unit I have learned many facts about the second Word War from the textbook, handouts, and stories the class has read. All of which I think are interesting and have a very important lesson to bring to the world, in hopes to prevent another war from happening and to prevent further cruelty to fellow human beings. First of all I find it very interesting how the whole war began. The very idea of appeasement, in which the United States gave into Hitler's demands just to stay out of war, is disgusting.

It seems the United States was so terrified about war after experiencing thefirst World War. The United States didn't even care about how Hitler was effecting other countries. It seems that maybe if the United States would have been more cautious about Hitler maybe it would have been easier to prevent his crimes against the allies.

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Especially after seeing what Germany was capable of doing in WWI.The extermination of the Jews in Germany was a type of discrimination I knew about during the war, but there were other types I've never heard of until now. Executive order 9066 sent Japanese-Americans to relocation camps during the war. I didn't realize that there was discrimination towards the Japanese in our country. But sadly there was, just like the Jews in Germany, the Japanese where sent away, split up from their families, friends, and possessions. Only because the U.S. thought they were a danger to this country.

The Japanese were always sold out, they were never allowed the same amount of arms as the U.S. nor were they treated as any other country.

Until now I did realize this, but now I see it as a huge factor that got the U.S. into this horrible war.

In this dramatic conflict I learned that America had threatened Japan to give unconditional surrender or face absolute destruction. I find that very fair for America to give Japan pre-warning as a last result to negotiate. What…

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