I instead created enemies.Another reason for the

I am doing my project on World War I.Thefirst World war began in 1914 and ended in 1919.I am going to study about different aspects of the war such as who was involved, how it all started, Canada’s role, some of the major battles, and what it was like for all of the soldiers who fought in the war. World War Iis often referred to as the “great war”, or”the war to end all war’s”.It was the most significant event of the twentieth century.

The war all started afterthe European nations divided themselves into alliance systems, the Triple Alliance, and the Triple Entente.The Triple Alliance consisted of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.The Triple Entente was made up of Britain, France, and the Russian Empire.These alliances were supposed to deter confrontations but instead created enemies.Another reason for the war was the assassination of the crown prince of Austria, Franz Ferdinand by a young Serbian named Princip while he was visiting Sarajevo to inspect troops on June 28, 1914.

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Princip fired two shots, one hitting ferdinand in the throat and the other striking his wife, Sophia in the stomach, killing them both.Princip then swallowed poison and then jumped into the river in an attempt to kill himself.The poison only made him sick and he was taken away by police.This act gave Austria Hungary the excuse it needed to invade Serbia.Russia, as a friend of Serbia declared war on Austria-Hungary.Germany as an ally of Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia.Germany knew that Francewas an ally of Russia so they began to attack France.

The circle was complete with the declaration of war by Britain.As soon as Britain declared war, Canada was automatically involved. Thefirst serious battle was when the Germans attacked France in the area ofLiege.

Liege was surrounded by 12 concrete forts and was considered as the strongest position in Europe.On August 5 the Germans attackedbut mad…

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