-it capitolist -US, Gr.Brit, France, China,

-it was called a war when you used atomic weapons -hydrogen bombs got created- 100x worse than atomics -the sov. un. was afraid Germany would rearm so they created a competing military alliance system-Warsaw Pact -it intergraded the armed forces of E.

Europe into a unified force under soviet command -put together so western Europe could defend itself from the Sov. Un. -it blocked off all of the access routes to Berlin from road, RR, canal so the US did the airlift -for around 300 days, US sent in thing by airplane since they couldn't do it any other way -it gave money to Europe, France, Italy to help them re enter capitolist -US, Gr.Brit, France, China, & Russia are permanent members -he claimed he had 200 names of communist workerd for the gov. trying to sound powerful…

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he didn't -George Kennan sent it out…Truman used it -It was to "contain" comminism and not to let it get into Greece and Turkey -where the "Policy" was used -Truman uses the Truman Docterine which gives $400 Million to Greece so the they don't turn to communism -Wants US, Gr.Brit., and France out of Berlin so he lies about the roads, RR, and Canal being messed up-Berlin Blockade -He is the one that starts the Berlin Blockade so that the US has to do the Airlift.

-He started the Iron Curtain-the split of the Soviet Union -takes over Yugoslavia with and "ok" from Stalin -He wants to try to get Krushchev to stop making miss…

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