September the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.At 8:46

September 11th 2001 was a tragic event that many people lived through.Many people also have some interesting stories to tell people about.

This paper will tell you about some of those stories from people like firefighters, paramedics, and survivors. On September 11th terrorists hijacked four planes for a cause they believed in.They flew two planes into the World Trade Center (WTC), one into the newly renovated part of the Pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania.That one crashed in Pennsylvania because the passengers of the plane tried to overthrow the hijackers.There was a battle between the passengers and the hijackers and eventually the plane crashed in Pennsylvania.At 8:46 and 9:02 a plane had hit the WTC two towers.

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One tower stood for 56 minutes and the other for 102 minutes.It took only 12 seconds for them to fall.There were 2,819 people who died in the attacks.343 of them were firefighters and paramedics.23 of them were NYPD police officers.There were 37 Port Authority police officers killed.60 World Trade Center companies lost employees.

1,402 employees died in tower two.614 employees died in tower one.The ratio of men to women who died is 3:1.

The greatest number of people who died was from the ages of 35 to 39.Out of all the deaths only 289 bodies were found intact.There were 19,858 body parts found.1,717 families got no remains.

There were 63 babies born to a parent who died in one of the towers.After September 11th 661 firefighters retired by July 2002.300 firefighters had to leave because of respiratory problems.

Rudy Giuliani attended 200 funerals to the victims of September 11th.There were 98 fire department vehicles destroyed.Those are the losses of September 11th 2001.

There were also many firefighters who survived and have amazing stories to tell.Firefighter Marcel Claes who was on engine 24 for 12 years remembers that day.He was walking up the stairs of the Nort…

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