Over conglomerates; he has received campaign funds and

Over the last couple of weeks George W. Bush has made his cabinet selections.For Secretary of Agriculture he appointed Ann Veneman, a former California agriculture director.For his attorney General he chose Senator John Ashcroft from Missouri.

For his Commerce Secretary he chose Don Evens who was Bushes campaign chairman.As Defense Secretary Bush chose previous defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.The Secretary of Education he chose was Rod Paige the superintendent of the Huston Independent School District.

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His Environmental Protection Agency Director is New Jersey governor Christie Whitman.The Feral Communication Commission Chairman he chose is Michael Powell a FCC commissioner.Health and Human Services Secretary appointed by Bush was good old Tommy Thompson from Wisconsin, who has been governor of our state for about 14 years and has been very active in welfare reform.The only controversy surrounding our Tommy so far is his political ties with the tobacco conglomerates; he has received campaign funds and has taken trips with tobacco lobbyists.His Housing Secretary is Mel Martinez who was the head of Orange County, FL.Bush;s Interior Secretary is former Colorado attorney general Gale Norton.The Labor Secretary Bush appointed is Former Peace Crops director Elaine Chao who was nominated after Linda Chavez withdrew.Mrs.

Chavez did so because of controversy about an illegal immigrant who she had as a servant.Bush;s NASA Administer is Harrison Schmitt an Apollo 17 astronaut.The person who Bush appointed to National Security Adviser is Stanford University scholar Condoleezza Rice.The Navy Secretary is Tillie Fowler a Navy Veteran.

As the Office of Management and Budget Bush appointed Mitch Douglas who is senior vice president of the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co.The Transportation Secretary Bush chose is Secretary of Commerce Norman Y. Mineta.Paul O;Neill, who is a .


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