The need to understand the importance of planning

The writing process has been described in a number of different steps or phases.

For the purpose of successful writing, three large steps are used, planning, writing, completing. Some writers plan their writing, sometimes at their desk, sometimes while engaged in other routine activities such as mowing the lawn or washing dishes. Others need to understand the importance of planning and often require explicit directions on how to plan. It might be helpful to begin by having your students respond to these three planning questions: What is the topic of our writing?Who is our audience? What will be interesting to them? What do we want to accomplish by writing about this topic (e. g. , convey information, persuade policy makers, etc. )? (Courtland 2003) Writing (or drafting) is the process of writing down ideas, organizing them into a sequence, and providing the reader with a frame for understanding these ideas.

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The end result is a composition or first draft of the ideas. The following questions might be helpful as they compose their first drafts: What ideas or thoughts will we include?How will we organize the material? How will we introduce, develop and conclude our first draft? What will the title of our article be? (Courtland 2003) Completing refers to the process of editing and revising based on an evaluation of the writing. It is the hard work that a writer devotes to a piece of writing that is likely to reach a wide audience and serves as a reflection of oneself. It is not just correcting a poorly written paper. A person may go through many revisions before he is satisfied with his work.

The questions that the writer should ask himself as he proceeds through the completing stage are: How can the responses from others improve our paper? What new ideas do we have for the paper? What information should we add or delete? Have we corrected all spelling and grammatical errors? So, if the writer follows these three steps, his writing will be successful. (Courtland 2003)ReferencesCourtland, Bovee. (2003). Business Communication Today (7th ed. ).

USA: Prentice Hall.

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