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Writean essay or a paragraph is very complex because there are academic writing and thereneed some feedback to do it well. In this essay, the term feedback is used to mean the activities constructedinto master’s modules that were designed to introduce students to writing andto support their writing. I think that have a feedbackis the most important because students have less mistakes and they improve theirwriting.

To have a well academic writing student can focus on the content of theessay, edit the content of the essay and group the feedback.            First at all, students must focus onthe content of the essay. Some students do not practice too much, and they donot clarify their topics. They do not read, and the result is not a very wellessay. Some teachers at the beginning do not focus very much on the content ofwhat the student is expected to write. For example, teacher James says: “In myfeedback, I ignored the surface language issues and commented only on how wellthey’d tackled the task.

Had they answered the question? Had they put forward aclear argument and supporting evidence? Had they offered analysis andevaluation as well as simple description?”. In a ELT context teachersays: “After all, we teach college students to write notbecause we expect them to become writers, but because writing is the evidencethat they are mastering intellectual concepts.” (McBride, 2012)            Also, students must edit very wellthe content of the essay. When students do an essay, they must know that theyneed to know a lot about the topic they are writing. They must feedback aboutthe topic and find how much sophisticated they have to be when they arewriting.

Some students can say that they do not need read to improve their knowledgeand then edit their essays very well but that is wrong because if they do notread they do not have a lot of knowledge and they do a bad essay. For example, astudent who do not have much knowledge about a specified topic and he/she donot read any time only do a wrong and bad constructed essay. “Teacher trainingas well as both facilities and materials must be provided.

Thus, we found twogroups of conclusions: firstly, the factors necessary to establish a dynamiccollaborative work among teachers of this school”. (Correas & Lozano, 2015)            Finally, students must group the feedback. TeacherJulie Moore says: “Onerule I always try to stick to is to work on the feedback activity before I hand backstudents’ individual writing. That way you’re more likely to have theirattention, they’re not so caught up in their individual feedback and moreconcerned about some other feature you’ve mentioned on their paper.” (Moore, 2014) Students need a lotof information about how they must write an essay and teacher give them somehelp to they do it. For example, a teacher can send the student a homework wherehe/she have to write a perfect essay and if he/she did not do it well teachermust give him/her a feedback and corrections.

            In conclusion, to do anacademic writing student need some feedback and help to do and excellentwriting. Teachers have the biggest responsibility when their students are learninghow they can write an excellent academic essay and feedback.  


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