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The entire tired­ness is gone with the fragrant smell of flowers in the park, and they feel refreshed.

There is good crowd in the parks. There are lots of children, young and old there. Children are seen playing different types of games. Some of them playing with the balloons. Young ones have a stroll on green grassy carpet of the park. The older one have their own gather­ings. We can watch them sitting in different groups discussing politics, births, marriages and death in their families and many types of different problems and other gossips. Nature is also bathed in beauty.

There is greenery all round. The weather is quite pleasant in the evening as there is no heat or dust storm to give us uneasiness. The birds also come out of their nests after a very hot noon. Sweet notes of their twittering give us a lot of joy. By the time there is darkness people start moving back to their houses as the harmful insects and mosquitoes become a nuisance for them. While returning there are some street vendors on the road side. Children enjoy some eatables from them.


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