Many did with his power, and his evil

Many people associate the 1920’s in Russia as a preparation for Stalin, and the period of time after 1953 as a long recovery from his dictatorship. People who were anti-revolution pointed to the horror and fatality under Stalin as justification for their position on the issue of the revolution. On the other hand, pro-revolutionaries point to the fact that he was ultimately victorious in his efforts. In the following I will cover Stalin’s life, and Russia under his rule.

I will explain his run-ins with the law, his rise to power, what he did with his power, and his evil plan for a hold on to power (which involved killing those people who threatened him or were in his way.) Stalin was born in 1879 in Gori, Georgia. His parents were both Georgian peasants. Although neither of them spoke Russian, Stalin was forced to learn it because it was the language of instruction at the Gori church school that he attended in 1888-94. He was the best pupil in the school and earned a full scholarship to the Tbilise Theological Seminary.

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He began attending the seminary in 1894, but in 1899 he quit the seminary to become a full-time revolutionary. While he studied the priesthood, Stalin read forbidden literature, including Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’, and soon converted to a new orthodoxy: Russian Marxism. In Stalin’s early years he was continually in trouble with the local authorities. During this period he took on the nickname Korba, a famous Georgian outlaw. Korba escaped prison several times; at his last escape he fled to St. Petersberg, where he became a member of the editorial staff of the Pravda in 1912.

Within a year, Stalin was arrested again and exiled to Siberia. He was released from exile by general amnesty after the February Revolution in 1917, and went back to the editorial staff of the Pravda in Petrograd. At age 34, he took on the name of Stalin, meaning “man of steel”. Stalin converted this organizational base into a source of politica.


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