There In the evening these divas are filled

There is hardly a house of any Hindu which is not cleaned or white-washed on this day. The kachha walls and courtyards in villages are besmeared with dung and earth.

It is said that Raja Ram Chandra returned to Ayodhya after four­teen years. He got victory over Ravana the king of Lanka. So the people of Ayodhya illuminated the city to welcome him and express their joy. Thus the festival is observed in the memory-of Shri Ram. There is hygienic point also. The season of malaria and rains is over. The houses are repaired and white-washed.

The white-washing drives away the mosquitoes and makes the houses free from mosquitoes. The children are very happy on this day. They get holidays from the schools. Great preparations are made. The women prepare many kinds of sweets and other food articles. People buy small clay Divas. In the evening these divas are filled with mustard oil and lighted. These Divas are put on the walls or on the bamboo frames in rows at a small dis­tance.

The whole house becomes bright with lights. In cities and towns electric bulbs are lighted. Everything looks bright and beautiful. Some people make paper candles and hung them from the ceiling of the houses and trees. They look very beautiful.

Thus all the houses and the whole market look very bright and charming. The sweet shops give a very charming look. The sweets are put in an attractive manner. Everybody lets off crackers.

People worship the Goddess Laxmi and offer sweets to her. The prasad is given to children and other people. The traders worship their Bahi’s and pray to Goddess Laxmi to bring them good luck all the year round. The children are the happiest.

They enjoy sweets and fireworks. They light these fireworks of different kinds. They enjoy the flying sparks and the bright coloured lights. They have a great liberty to do so. There is one bad custom. Every Hiijdu thinks that he should gamble to try his luck.

Most of the gamblers lose their money and thus become poor. The people should make an all out effort to finish this bad practice.


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