I Rhine floods. The Romans built an administration

I researched the Worms Cathedral due to its extraordinary beauty and history. The building has a story that dates as far back as to the 4th-5th Century. The Cathedral was built approximately 100 meters above sea level; this was to keep the building safe from the Rhine floods.

The Romans built an administration centre and a temple area on the hill. At this location was the centre of a provincial town, expanding an area of a square kilometer. In 401 the decrease in the Roman Empire also affected Worms, the Roman garrison troops retreated. Twelve years later the Burgundians colonized Worms. Coming from the Baltic Sea they wandered toward the South and were settled in Worms by the Romans with the assignment of securing the borders of the Roman Empire in their settling area.

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However, after repeating trying in the following 20 years to cast off the Roman supremacy they were beat in a battle by the Romans in 435. One year later the Huns invaded the Rhine plain and destroyed the largest part of the Burgundian people, the rest had to resettle near Lake Geneva. In 600, the Frank Empire of the Merovingians had fallen into three parts: Worms belonged to Austria with Metz as the capital. Furthermore there were Neustria with Paris as the capital and Burgundy with Orleans. A short time after the rules of Austrasia and Neusia had married two sisters, daughters of the Visigothic king, a murderous family war broke out mainly initiated by Neustria. Victims were both kings and one of the sisters.

The surviving Austasian king's widow Brunichildis resided in Worms till 600. She must have been an extraordinary and impressive personality. She succeeded in obtaining the regency for her still minor son and asserted herself for a while in a man's world full of barbarism and cruelty-until the descendants f her dead Neustrian brother-in-law managed to take her prisoner and execute her in a dreadful way in 613…


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