In behavior, and way of life misunderstandings were

In the chapter titled "Worlds Apart" I believe the author is trying to portray the many differences between the old and new world that would drastically affect the joining.With differences in religion, behavior, and way of life misunderstandings were inevitable. One of the many differences in culture between America and Europe is the Native Americans lived more for survival where Europeans were striving for power and domination. Europe's strong belief in Christianity was another way to dominate the new world.Europeans believed in one god, having a place to worship and a written bible.

The Native Americans had no written religion only oral, and believed in a variety of gods.They also believed the stars, plants, and animals possessed spiritual powers. Native American women held positions of power and played a larger role in day-to-day living, which the European society did not agree with. They believed in men dominating political and economic life. With the many differences in culture it led to many misunderstandings between the Europeans and Native Americans.Europeans were far more technologically advanced and saw such differences in the Native American practices and customs that they thought them to be inferior.

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Because the Native Americans did not have a written bible or a place to worship the Europeans thought they had no religion. They believed them to be magicians or witches, and that they may worship the devil.Another difference between the Europeans and the natives was the Europeans saw the Native American men to be lazy because the women had a lot of responsibilities such as tending to crops, taking care of children, make clothing, and baskets.

They also seemed to be more equal in the community because they held positions of power.The men dominated women in the European society. Due to the differences in cultural background and way of life the Native Americans and the Europeans faced man..


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