.) River? Help grow crops, transportation, new

.) Arigulculture- Hunting, Farming, and Gathering. 2.) How did civilizations grow? Cities, Population of people, goverment, warm climate, water and land. 3.

) What was the Nile River? Help grow crops, transportation, new routes, and food. 4.)Contribution of Egypt- Hieroglyhics. 5.)Wha did the Hindu Religion do for you? Reincarnated you. 6.

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)What was the concept made by Hebrews? Monothesiem. 7.)Gepgraphy on Greece? A trading center. 8.)What city was a democratic democracy? Athens 9.)Three great philospers? Plato, Aristotle, Socrates. 10.)The Roman Empire DID NOT build these? Phalanx, and Manaples.

11.)Teachings of Jesus? One God, everyone equal to gods eyes. 12.)Hammurabi Code of laws? Applied to everyone. 13.)Levels of Fuedalism? Monarchs, Nobles, Lesser Lords, And knights. 14.)Three major religions on India? Jains, Buddism, Hinduism.

15.)Confusios? Strict rules apply to everyone. 16.)Three African Kingdoms? Mali, Ghanna, Sanghai. 17.)What is absolute Monarch? Totalitarian. 18.

)Who were in the 100 years war? England vs. France. 20.)Three words people use to call Sailers? God, Glory, and Gold. 21.)The Incas never developed? The written Language. 22.

)What is pre-columbian? Before Columbus, and the U.S never had horses. 23.

)Where is present day Aztec located? Mexico. 24.)What is the immediate cause of the American Revolution? High taxes, and America had no representatives.

25.)Who was the founder of the Scientific Method? Sir Francis Bacon. 26.)What is the Napeolanitic Code? Unform Laws.

27.)French Revolution was in 1789? In 1792-1795 was the Rain of Terror.. 28.

)Charles Darwin? Wrote a book called, “On the origins of species” he believed in Evolution. 29.)What was the immediate cause of the Russian Revolution in 1917? The Czars(rulers) would not reform(change things). 30.)What was the direct result of WW1? On the test Circle the letter D.

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