World of the war.Many European leaders thought that

World War 1 is a dramatic point of the history of the world.This war that killed many people from all over the world started because of many causes.First cause of the war was European nations ruled smaller countries, called colonies, and they competed with each other to get more colonies.Second cause of the war was nationalism; many national groups united governments and formed countries.Uniting people under one government has disadvantage in Europe often a government ruled many nationalities and this was an important reason that caused the war. Militarism was another very important cause of the war.

Many European leaders thought that fighting was the easier way to solve problems between them and other countries.Also the military leaders thought the stronger military usually got what it wanted.In a short amount of time all countries in Europe competed for the best military. Back in the 1800's there was unrest in Europe Germany was afraid that France would take a revenge on them because they won France in 1871.Germany was so afraid that it wanted to make sure France would not have allies.After a few years Russia needed money and France saw this as an opportunity to have friends so France lend Russia money.After France made a lot of steps to become Russia's allies they succeeded.Later in 1907 the triple Entente was formed; an alliance between Russia, France, and Great Britain.

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Those alliances were very powerful because if any of those countries would fight all six nations would be dragged into a war. Countries tried to make peace to avoid the war but the peace way didn't work.The world couldn't continue to be like this a change was needed and a war was the only thing that could solve the problem. Now a small conflict was needed to start the terrible war.

On June 28, 1914 a Serbian terrorist assassinated an Austrian Archduke.Now the silence was broken, finally the countries found the sma…

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