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World War One began in August of 1914, involving the military powers of Europe, Britain, other nations throughout the world, and later the United States. The war was fought mainly on the ground, until the invention of the aircraft as a military weapon This new type of warfare soon became a strong point in the destruction of large cities and heavily guarded trenches.

The production of air planes soon took full affect as nations began utilizing air raids as a main source of military force. The production of these new fighter planes dramatically affected the outcome of World War One.Flightfirst began with the Wright brothers in 1903, and they successfully achieved a sustained airborne endeavor on September 20, 1904 by making a complete circle.It wasn't until 1908 that Aeronautical Division decided to team up with the Wright Brothers to create a military aircraft. In September, the Wright military aircraft was tested at Fort Myer, Virginia. Not long after the aircraft was airborne, it crashed, killing Lieutenant Thomas E. Selfridge, who became thefirst military aviation casualty.

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Finally in 1909, the Wright Model A becomes thefirst military aircraft to be used by the United States, though there would be no use for such aircrafts until April 6, 1917, when the U.S. declares war on Germany.The United States wasn't the only country with military aircrafts in their arsenal. After the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the "Great War," as it was later called, would break out between the European powers in 1914. Early on the war was fought in trenches on the ground, but after the discovery of flight, countries began using aircrafts as spy devices to report information on other armies. In the early years of the war, "scouts" as they were called, would contain a pilot and another person, usually to draw out maps or take pictures.

When two pilots from different sides of the war would cross paths,…

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