The cost of World War One had

The cost of World War One had a significant impact on Russian society.

During the war Russia suffered great economic and military loses. This was the stepping-stone for revolutions that changed Russia into a Communist society. So it can be scene that World War One and its effects on Russian society helped bring about revolution. The Russian Empire had been changing fast fifty or so years before the outbreak of the First World War. During the fifty-year time period plenty of significant events took place that dramatically changed Russia. During the 1860s serfdom had been abolished and representative institutions for local government had been set up. In 1905 following a revolution, Tsar Nicholas II permitted the establishment of a national representative called the Duma. With this came political parties, elections, a freer press and a massive campaign to educate the Russian people.

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Also after the 1905 revolution Russia's economy started to boom. During this sort time period between 1905-1914 agriculture increased, harvest were good and production rose, more land was brought under cultivation and fertilizer and machinery increased also. Russian industry was also at a rise, imports and exports rose by 50 per cent.

Therefore it can be scene that about 50 years prior to world war one Russian society was advancing quickly. During World War One Russia suffered great military loses which led to low morale and mutiny in the Russian military. When war broke out in 1914 Russia fought with the allies and therefirst battle went well when the Imperial army smashed its way through Eastern Europe. But this was Russia's only victory. After this battle, Russia found its self losing battles and men and also losing Russian territory.

The two main battles that took the most toll on the Russian imperial grad was the battles of Masurian and Naroach lakes. The main reason for these defeats was the in spite of the courage of the Russian soldier…

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