With reference to at least

With reference to at least two of your sources and using your own knowledge explain how and why attitudes of civilian populations of Britain and Germany towards the war changed between 1914 and 1918. The attitude of civilian populations of Britain and Germany changed from fervent, early nationalistic enthusiasm in 1914 to political discontent and political change combined with widespread universal withdrawal of support for the continuation of war by 1918.In the beginning men had rushed off to enlist. While, well to -do women thrust white feathers on unenlisted males as a mark of cowardice. Crowds in every country waved flags, sang patriotic songs, gave money for the war efforts, and eagerly read every detail of battles in their local newspapers.

In 1914 the war was seen as temporary, just and necessary "it will be over by Christmas". (Quote from "Thefirst world War by Barry Bates.)However, the war dragged on and the early patriotic fever burnt out.The four problems that dominate the home front in both Britain and Germany were munitions, food supply, the labour shortage and political change.

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Food shortages and the constant fear of a loved one being crippled or killed, air raids on the home front and the effectiveness of anti-war organizations were common denominators in changing civilian attitudes in both Britain and Germany.The changing attitude of civilian populations in Germany and Britain to the role of women in society as a result of war was also a historical turning point in social attitudes.As well, in Germany changing political attitudes also emerged embracing socialism and democracy as hopes of a military victory faded and home front issues had to be faced. While, in Britain a growing desire for peace late in the war was highlighted by -Siegred Sasson's " A soldier's Declaration" being read out in parliament and published in the daily newspapers.War was now being seen as &quot…

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