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It was suppose to be a time of peace and happiness. It was suppose to be the start of a new beginning of world peace. It was the years after World War 1. Times had changed since the end of the Great War, and most people had just gotten back to normal lives nearly twenty years after. The cleanup and reparations paid for World War 1 were tremendous and took nearly twenty years to be completed. It was suppose to be the war to end all wars.

But it wasn't. A new war was beginning to develop. This war, unexpectedly, would turn out far more disastrous than thefirst. Americans atfirst were not sure whether to enter the war or remain neutral. For the majority most wanted to stay neutral. Thefirst few years of the second World War had passed, with the United States still yet to take a side. But all who were smart enough knew, this was an unpredictable war, and anything could happen at anytime. The unpredictable happened on December 7, 1947, and from there the United States prepared for war.

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The United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor that infamous day. Preparing for war had started. People who led everyday lives were the ones affected the most. Their jobs had changed, and everything people did related to one thing, war. The most normal industries, making everyday products, had turned to making weapons, such as guns and grenades. Instead of making cars in automobile industries, tanks were being made.

The tank was perhaps the most essential part to the war, so this industry was perhaps the most involved. The people who worked at home were affected also. Their everyday tasks had changed. Some were forced to go to work and help with preparations for the war. Mothers had to leave their children, fathers had to leave their family, and this was all due to one reason, war.

Although the United States had remained neutral for the beginning of the war, they were not completely avoiding it. The United States government had signed a …

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