After Wars” For most of Japan’s History they

After World War I, the defeated Germany, Disappointed Italy, and Ambitious Japan were anxious to regain or increase their power. All three of these countries eventually adopted forms of dictatorship; National Socialism and Fascism.

This made their country supreme and called for expansion and invasion of neighbouring countries. These countries also set themselves up as enemies against communism, which gained them at least partial tolerance from the Western Democracies. The Western Democracies were concerned with peace, which resulted in military un-preparedness. In the 1920’s Western Democracies made more than reasonable efforts to maintain peace, they signed the Treaty of Versailles, which promised aid to any country attacked by whichever power broke the agreement. In 1931 when Japan Invaded Manchuria, the invasion was a success but the most important factor that came out of the entire incident was the weak response from the league of nations towards Japan’s aggression this showed to Hitler and Mussolini that the Leagues power and word was not worth the paper it was written on. And then there was the Spanish Civil war that once again showed a lack of support from the League of Nations. Hitler was confident that the League of Nations was afraid to go to war especially so recently after the depression which left many countries in distrust, and fear.

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Britain and France were too quiet towards many situations. The Japanese, German, and Italian aggression was building and there was no one would take a stand to the three powers. Britain and France let these countries have far too much slack and it hit them later in the World War II, the sequel to the War that was supposed to “End all Wars” For most of Japan’s History they have had a deep respect for China. However these ideas were ended when the Sino-Japanese war broke out in 1894. The modernized Japanese Navy and Army conquered the Chinese. And from the treaty that followed Japan tasted .


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