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World war two significantly affected the United States and its people. Despite the awful tasks of waging and supplying a war, surprisingly the economy was booming.Big Businesses and Labor Unions strengthened, women were able to make a living on their own, and Blacks were given opportunities that they were shunned at previously. The war required so much, that money was constantly being pumped into the economy.Eventually, the United States obtained full economy in 1942 and many people were working.

By many people, I mean people of all gender and race.Women were able to gain freedom and some independence for thefirst time. The war changed a lot of aspects of American life.Black Civil Rights movements started around this time.Blacks felt that if they were going to be supporting and helping a country with war, they should at least be given significant rights as a human being. Indian Right movements also stemmed from the war.Navajo Code Talkers were a significant advantage of the war.

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Using people to speak a "code" language that no one could crack was a brilliant idea; yet again Indians were not give basic human rights.The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) started at this time.This was thefirst national Indian support and lobby group.As a lobby group they used American political tactics to ensure policies and protection of tribal rights for about 20 years, it was the only National Indian control group and the most important major force.America is rapidly changing.

As I stated before women were gaining confidence in a way that they never had before.WAACS and WAVES were two very significant women rights groups.The war gave women a chance to feel what it was really like to work for themselves and be independent.They wanted rights to vote, hold a job, and essentially be equal to men.This was the springboard of the women's rights groups to .


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