Isolationism, the great industrial laboratories. Furthermore, more

Isolationism, policy of not interfering with any other country, was America's attitude toward the international politics, even after World War I.

When the European countries declared war on each other, starting World War II, America wanted to stay out of the conflict. But, America was "suddenly and deliberately attacked.. by the Empire of Japan", leaving it with no other choice than to declare war on Japan.

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No matter what the reason was forU.S ultimate involvement, it gave hope to many people to stop Hitler, Mussolini, and Hideki. The declaring of war meant that young people had to leave the American homeland. With already enough problems caused by the Great Depression, the drafting of soldiers meant more trouble for the families. The survival of the families without the male figure, brought a lot of hardships and changes in the American families. First of all, men were the primary source of income for the family, and due to the drafting they had to go "serve" their country. So, obviously, the responsibility of feeding and keeping up the families came on to the government and the ladies of the house.

Often, it was not possible to meet the needs of a relatively big family. So, consequentially, women started to work and run the family. During WWII the women labor force jumped to more than eighteen million. They worked in the shipyards, lumber mills, steel mills, foundries. They are welders, electricians, mechanics, and even boilermakers. They operated streetcars, buses, cranes, and tractors. Women engineers were working in the drafting rooms and women physicists and chemists in the great industrial laboratories.

Furthermore, more than three million women voluntarily worked for the American Red Cross. This was not possible when the men were the principle source of income. There two advantages of women working; one is that the family is supported, and the other is that the American government got much needed h…

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