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During WW2, Stalingrad was a strategically located industrial center. In the second year of operations, in Russia the German army main objective was to capture Stalingrad, doing so they would capture the carcass region which was full of oil and industries. A large German force mounted an assault on the city on August 20, 1942, after a period of heavy air raids.After months of bitter fighting, which included man to man, which the 6th army of Germany weren't use to, because of this they lost lots and lots of men. The problem was that German tanks couldn't move along the city and support the infantry as the tanks would keep on getting suck on the piece of rubble the city bombing German Planes had done. Also the Russian Army would fight for every inch of that city that how determined the Russian Army was.

The other big issue was that the Russian army just hid in hole or under the rubble and as soon as a The German army went past they got shoot. After months of fighting the German and the other allies of it's, had captured all of Stalingrad, Then suddenly the Russian General thought of a magnificent strategy. On the right and left flanks of the river Volga the Romanian and Austrian army were holding, There army didn't have any anti tanks guns or any thing else so the Russian in a week destroyed the two army's and encircle the German . So the German army was encircled and the supplies wouldn't reach to them. So they asked for permission for the 6th army to pull back but Hitler didn't allow them. So the Sixth German Army almost starving to death surrendered, so ending the German advance into the USSR.

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German casualties alone totaled more than 300,000, and the Soviet city was almost completely destroyed. …

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