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World War II was a huge, colossal conflict between several powerful nations. Everything in its path was ravaged and destroyed. World War II was the single handedly the harshest battle the world had seen, and people will forever remember the toll it took on everyone and everything. It was declared World War II had started in September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland, but conflict had been boiling up for nearly twenty years ("World War II (era), 1928-1945"). These conflicts were introduced because of Germany's crushing defeat in World War I that left them devastated, seeking power, and looking for revenge. "By early 1930's Germany, which had been left humiliated and impoverished by its defeat in World War I, had begun a stunning revitalization of its economic and military power under the guidance of Adolf Hitler" ("World War II (era), 1928-1945"). Hitler, supported by his Nazi party, used the tender condition of Germany to sweep through.

He swept through with ferocity and determination, and soon controlled Germany through a dictatorship. Hitler was like a ventriloquist with the German people as his puppets. "Germany engaged in diplomatic maneuvering as well, and by the end of 1936 the country had reached agreement with Japan on the Anti-Comintern treaty. Nominally a pledge of mutual support in the effort to block the spread of communism, the treaty actually served as a sort of camouflage for the two nations' expansionist desires. Italy soon endorsed the treaty as well; the Axis powers, as they came to be known, were formally lined together" ("World War II (era), 1928-1945"). Few knew of Hitler's true intentions. Hitler's dream was to create a Nazi-ruled Europe, and the inhabitants of Europe made slaves for the German "master race".

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Hitler then struck. "In September 1939 Germany invaded Poland and Gr…

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